Aftershock by Myogenix

Aftershock by Myogenix

after surprise data recovery supplementsAftershock Myogenix is a post workout recovery drink that is powerful. It is maybe not also expensive at around $2.10 per portion nonetheless it packs a punch. It’s a fantastic ingredient profile and it is tasting that is great.About aftershock-by-myogenix

aftershock ingredientsLike comparable post exercise data recovery products, Myogenix is greater in calories in comparison with protein that is traditional. The mindset varies though: low-calorie isn’t the objective, instead, data recovery is. The majority that is vast of result from protein (34g) and complete carbs (15g of sugars, and 15g of various other carbohydrates). By involved in comparable manner to MHP’s deep situation along with other data recovery beverages, Aftershock pushes up insulin levels within the bloodstream and increases muscle mass consumption of crucial data recovery nutritional elements, specifically necessary protein. A serving of Mygoenix is 80g, and 34g of this is necessary protein (about 43%) as well as that, BCAAs compensate a amount that is healthy 7.25g. Myogenix is a protein profile that is good.

Within the fashion that is true of recovery beverage, Myogenix has even more to provide than simply necessary protein. AMINO STACK makes up most of Aftershock’s recovery component. AMINO STACK includes creatine, glutamine, and L-Norvaline, which affects muscle muscle and regeneration development. Include 1500mg of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfates, and 1500mg of anti-oxidants and B-vitamins and you’re talking about a recovery drink that is serious.

Aftershock by Myogenix is an choice that is excellent it comes down to publish exercise data recovery beverages. It’s a fantastic ingredient profile and it is tasting that is great. Its drawback that is only is.

Aftershock by Myogenix


At 34g, Aftershock as an amount that is excellent of.


A amount that is good of at 7.25g per portion.


Mixibility and flavor

We just attempted the lime avalanche taste however it ended up being exceptional. With sufficient liquid it blends not a problem

The downside that is only cost. It is a bit costly at over $2 a serving.


Aftershock is an excellent data recovery product which boasts an ingredient profile that is excellent. It cheap, stock up if you can find!


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