AI Sports Diet Heal Professional Reviews

AI Sports Diet Heal Professional Reviews

Great item with a complete lot of worth..but that style


Heal professional is a BCAA made by AI Sports diet. BCAA stands for branched string amino acids. These are the blocks of necessary protein and will boost necessary protein synthesis, muscle mass endurance and recovery during exercises and possess already been demonstrated to lower fat in the body.

Element Profile 9/10

You cannot hit a health supplement with a straighforward and science based profile that is ingredient. It includes 6g of BCAA per information at a 4:1:1 ratio. Of program a 2:1:1 ratio is advised however with 4g of L-Leucine per information it is a recovery/intra workout aid that is great.


Taste 5/10

I have attempted both tastes and truthfully I would of gave my 125 serving tub away if it wasn’t for the fact I’m cheap. I have just tasted an added item with because flavor that is bad. We see a complete lot of reviews of men and women raving concerning the flavor and i truly question if my preferences tend to be damaged. The scent will also hit you in your legs whenever you open it first. I would go with the lemon option if I had to pick a less evil of the two.

Mixability 9/10

No problem right here. Just had one amino product which previously “totally” mixed with 0 residue, but this left extremely minimal.

Dosing 8/10

Item guidelines claims to eat the amount that is following and/or during workout..

Bodyweight (weight) # of Scoops

< 160 1

160-180 2

180+ 3

We moved with 2 scoops myself which provided me with 12g of BCAA while the complete bathtub lasted me personally for 62 portions, awesome worth. Various events we took it workout that is pre fasted cardio or intra work out with a dextrose resource too.

Effectiveness 10/10

Healing ended up being effected within my run and certainly DOMS was blunted.

Value 10/10

You cannot overcome exactly what AI Sports offers you in price. Website centered needless to say but the majority of that time period there is the 125 version that is serving $30 as well as less. Also you 42 workouts, this is a bargain that can’t be beat by many if you consume the maximum recommended dose of 3 scoops a day it’ll last.

Negative Effects 10/10

No negative effects except damaged flavor buds lol

recover pro Professionals


If I happened to be in a position to belly the style RecoverPRO would of obtained an increased rating. Possibly it is simply myself, but i do believe if AI Sports went and handled flavoring they are able to have a hell of something to their arms at a value that is great.


4:1:1 Proportion

Powerful Healing Item

The Best Value

Great Element Profile


Requirements more options that are flavor

Smells Bad

Taste Terrible


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